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Liebherr is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium commercial refrigeration, specializing in performance and efficiency, along with keeping food fresher for longer. Our superior products offer premium quality, cutting edge design, and innovative features that best fit your business needs. Refrigeration and freezing equipment from Liebherr has had the mark of quality, reliability and longevity for decades. Thanks to innovative technologies and high quality materials, our equipment is particularly convenient and energy-efficient. This applies both to domestic and professional use in trade, craft, gastronomy, commerce and labor.

Commercial Food Service


Even under extreme pressure, our appliances offer perfect refrigeration and freezing performance. We are the ideal partner when you need reliable and safe storage, whether in the catering industry, the food retail sector, the research and laboratory sector, the beverage and frozen food industries, or the bakery sector. By using only premium quality components and exclusive materials, Liebherr commercial appliances can be relied upon to meet all the professional requirements of your specific sector.

Exacting standards are demanded of cooling appliances in the Restaurant and Food Service Industry. Opting for a Liebherr is making a choice for reliable operation, premium quality, and top design. Liebherr offers all of the qualities important in professional refrigeration: high-quality components, maximum net capacity, efficient refrigerating capacity, reliable temperature consistency, and easy maintenance and cleaning. Above all, Liebherr commercial equipment stand out with industry-leading low power consumption and maximum efficiency, providing you with round-the-clock reliability.

Hotel and Catering


Liebherr appliances for the gastronomy sector offer generous yet space-efficient storage. The fronts and compartments are easy-to-clean and ensure maximum hygiene. [Learn more here…]



As well as offering refrigerators and freezers for bakeries and pastry shops, Liebherr also produces promotional chest freezers and refrigerators for the sale area: after all, customers are more likely to reach for a water, cola, etc. if they are presented in a highly appealing manner. [Learn more here…]

Food Retail


Supermarket chest freezers and plug-in chest systems for wholesalers and retailers have to meet extremely high standards. Liebherr appliances excel by delivering outstanding quality, stunning presentation or products, and superb energy efficiency. [Learn more here…]

Research and Laboratory


Liebherr develops refrigerators and freezers that are specially tailored to laboratory requirements. Alarm and documentation functions ensure the safety of stored items. [Learn more here…]

Beverage Industry


Refrigerators for the drinks industry are easy to stock and clean. They are robust, compact, and energy efficient. Their individualized branding plays a decisive role in encouraging impulse purchases. [Learn more here…]

Frozen Food and Ice Cream Industry


Continual professional use places special demands on freezers in the frozen food and ice cream industry. Attractive, eye-catching product presentation is the best way to boost revenue at the point of sale. [Learn more here…]