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The Jaccard family of food slicers are fully automatic, programmable, fast, clean and efficient. Ideal for large kitchens, delicatessens and processed meat works, this machine slices, collects, stacks or shingles products, all in one operation. All components coming in contact with the product being sliced are manufactured in stainless steel; the ultimate in food safety!

 The Best Automatic Stacker Slicer on the Market!



  • Holds the distinguished honor of being the only NSF Approved stacker slicer in the world!
  • Dishwasher Cleanable™ chain frame
  • Variable speed
  • Automatic AND Programmable stacking and shingling solutions
  • Removable chain frame, stacking device, and receiving plate
  • Slice thickness infinitely variable from 1-10 mm
  • Dimension of the blade is 300mm
  • Maintenance-free gear motor
  • Both the VA 4000AT and VA2000 are competitively priced


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