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Our rotisseries are all about “theater cooking” and help keep high-margin items visible and ready to serve, especially when combined as part of a cooking/holding/grab-and-go configuration.

Rotisseries have long been a popular solution for turning out full loads of delicious items day after day — but what sets Henny Penny rotisseries apart is one simple fact: they cook faster. With our patented THERMA-VEC even heat process at work, Henny Penny rotisseries combine cross-flow convection cooking with radiant heat, resulting in thorough, even cooking in much less time than the competition.




  • THERMA-VEC even heat process cooks full loads quickly and evenly using gentle, cross-flow convection and radiant heat
  • Digital electronic controls with 9 programmable cook cycles
  • Programmable browning and texture control
  • Large LED display for simultaneous time and temperature
  • Food temperature probe ensures product quality and consistency, eliminating the guess work in preparation
  • Comes with spit rotation switch for easy loading
  • Rotation automatically stops when doors open
  • Tempered clear glass doors feature black matrix shaded borders
  • Interchangeable splits and baskets allow operators to prepare a wide variety of menu items beyond chicken, including kabobs, pastries, roasts and ribs
  • Simple three-piece drive tube and rotor assembly
  • Drive assembly, drip trays and drain pans are easily disassembled for quick cleanup
  • Easy-to-disassemble stainless steel parts and optional Teflon coating makes rotisserie simple to maintain
  • High-quality stainless steel construction


Henny Penny

More Than Just Chicken

These versatile machines aren’t just for chicken, though. Our rotisseries can give just the right touch of browning and texture to meats, fish, casseroles, cinnamon rolls— virtually anything you can cook in a regular oven. And with features like electronic programmability, your employees will spend less time training, leading to greater productivity. We also offer rotisserie display cabinets, designed to hold and display chickens during “theater cooking” until carving, serving or selling. These display units correspond dimensionally to the rotisseries, which can be stacked on the displays to save space and provide convenient access.


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