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Foodservice operators know that one of their most valuable resources is time — and any solution that helps free up employees to manage peak periods is priceless in a busy kitchen. That’s the true benefit of having reliable holding equipment that keeps food ready to serve until it’s needed, giving employees the ability to prepare food ahead of time in anticipation of the coming rush.

At Henny Penny, we provide holding equipment and support to some of the world’s largest restaurant chains — and we’re proud to manufacture everything in-house, right down to the control panel. Our line of holding equipment gives operators the options they need and the quality they expect, whether it’s the precise control of the SmartHold® or the flexibility of our countertop models.



HHC-993 and HHC-992It’s a simple equation: more hold time means less wasted food. With the SmartHold from Henny Penny, you can keep foods moist and ready to serve — without sacrificing freshness or presentation. The secret is SmartHold’s humidity control system that allows you to precisely maintain any humidity level from 10% to 90%. This patented system links water pan heat, fans and ventilation in a closed loop control, giving you the ability to set humidity levels down to one-percent increments.


SmartHold gives you the power to add and remove humidity while extending hold times and reducing food waste.

Choose SmartHold when you need to keep naturally moist products like fried chicken, pork chops and ribs ready for serving.


Heated Holding

HHC-900-Heated-HoldingOur standard heated holding cabinets keep virtually any food at the desired temperature until ready to serve.

Choose standard heated holding when you have products that don’t lose moisture readily in a holding environment like baked potatoes, pasta and breaded vegetables.

Originally developed to hold large quantities of pressure-fried chicken for long periods without sacrificing freshness or presentation, Henny Penny heated holding cabinets keep practically any menu item hot until it’s ready to serve.

Our dual-fan design allows moisture to circulate evenly through the cabinet, utilizing the power of heavy-duty blower motors and ventilated side racks to ensure satisfying results. Our holding cabinets are also energy-efficient — fully insulated with tight-sealing doors that hold heat inside.


Countertop/Modular Holding


Our countertop holding options are all about fitting into compact operations. The modular holding line accommodates a variety of different products in dedicated compartments.

Choose countertop/modular holding when you need a holding solution that won’t interrupt workflow when space is at a premium or you need a small, dedicated holding environment for specific products.

Henny Penny’s countertop holding cabinets provide compact environments for keeping a wide range of cooked foods at safe temperatures prior to serving. Designed to promote an uninterrupted workflow, this convenient configuration keeps items accessible for servers while features like the crumb/drip tray make cleanup quick and easy.

As with all Henny Penny holding cabinets, this modular model gives operators the ability to cook in quantity ahead of time and serve on demand during peak periods. And with features like fully insulated, tight-sealing doors and positive drawer closure, efficiency and heat retention are maximized, saving energy and money.




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