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Reaching Customers Where They Are


Merch-Landing-Page-imageThoughtful, strategic merchandising is a key element of any foodservice operation — but hot, fresh food is only as good as it looks to a paying customer. That’s why visibility and presentation are key. When done effectively, merchandising can generate impulse buys, provide customers with extra convenience when they’re in a hurry, and keep food at its best for as long as possible.

Henny Penny’s line of merchandising equipment is designed with those goals in mind, and every day, our products are helping operators waste less, earn more and keep customers coming back. With customizable styles and configurations available to suit a variety of applications, our merchandisers set the standard for versatility, efficiency and ease of use. And with food safety always top of mind, Henny Penny merchandisers can help maintain your HAACP program by guarding against inadequate holding temperatures.



HMR Heated Merchandiser

The HMR allows you to customize and accommodate an entire menu of items with optional pans, inserts, tiles and accessories.

Choose the HMR when you’re focused on inline merchandising applications (both full-service and self-service). The modular HMR merchandiser system from Henny Penny gives you the power to expand your idea of what a great deli concept can be. Designed to provide maximum flexibility and performance for displaying and serving fresh hot foods, the HMR allows operators to choose the size, style and configuration that best suits their facility.



EPC Express Profit Center

The EPC delivers extra-long holding times in an innovative, highly mobile design.

Choose the EPC when you need extended holding times in an upright, self-service configuration. Featuring innovative air curtain technology that directs a continuous flow of heat across the open front of the unit, the Express Profit Center from Henny Penny is the perfect solution for holding pre-packaged, prepared foods at a safe temperature while ensuring easy access for shoppers. This grab-and-go design gives operators the freedom to safely display product anywhere in the store for up to four hours, making it ideal for end caps, walls near checkout lanes or any high-traffic area within the facility.


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