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Doing more with less: that’s the inspiration behind the innovative Evolution Elite series from Henny Penny. This revolutionary family of reduced oil capacity open fryers uses 40% less oil than regular open fryers — and with fast filtration, automatic oil top-off and a set of easy-to-use controls, you’re saving time, energy and money with every load.

Available in gas and electric models, the Evolution Elite helps you manage costs and reduce consumption while ensuring consistent flavor and keeping customers satisfied — every order, every day.


Do The Math!



Features For Miles

  • EE_gallery_EEE142_Overhead_FoodA smaller fry vat allows for significant savings by requiring 40% less oil than a standard 50 lb. fryer, while maintaining the overall cooking capacity. The Oil Guardian™ system monitors oil levels and automatically replenishes oil from a reservoir inside the fryer cabinet, eliminating manual add-backs and frequent oil disposal.
  • The SmartFilter Express™ increases employee productivity because it is fast and easy. The fryer monitors usage and prompts the user when filtration is necessary. During the process, the FilterBeacon™ lights up to indicate when to both open and close the drain valve. The system takes care of the rest by filtering the oil, rinsing away crumbs and returning hot, filtered oil to the vat – all in 4 minutes. Meanwhile, all the other vats continue to cook uninterrupted.
  • iControl™ ensures accurate, consistent cook times and great-tasting food with its 40 stored programs, load compensation, and idle/melt/cleanout modes. This easy-to-use system also features adjustable language settings to accommodate any crew.
  • ENERGYSTAR® compliant with rapid temperature recovery.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel vats come with a 7-year warranty
  • High-limit temperature protection
  • Electric models have hinged elements that lift up for quick and easy vat cleaning.Gas models feature high-efficiency burners with solid-state ignition.
  • Fryer supported by 4 heavy-duty casters (2 locking).
  • Stainless steel body panels allow for easy cleaning and long service life.
  • An optional auto-lift feature automatically lowers and raises baskets to begin and end cook cycles (additional charge).


Fried & Testified

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“Henny Penny is worth the cost. Their ROI is swift and, frankly, they stand tall above the competition.”


EAT’N PARK  (View Case Study)



“Unbelievable. We were able to go three months before needing to change the oil — all without a drop in quality of the food we served our customers…. I can confidently say that Chicken Licken wouldn’t be what it is today without Henny Penny.”


CHICKEN LICKEN  (View Case Study)


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