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The AyrKing Breader/Blender/Sifter (BBS) features a unique auger brush that sifts breading and blends spices while ejecting unwanted dough balls. Used by tens of thousands of restaurants around the globe, the AyrKing BBS sifter is available in numerous models or can be customized to fit your exact needs.

AyrKing offers a unique concept in sifting machines for breading operations. Our machine accomplishes blending and sifting simultaneously. Our augering brush mechanism mixes the breading ingredients while ejecting undesirable dough balls. This is accomplished without vibration or agitation – thus eliminating excessive noise, reducing mechanical wear, and preventing segregation of breading ingredients.



bbsu4830bpIt all started…

AyrKing was established in 1972 by a mechanical engineer named Don King. No, not the famous promoter with unique haircut, another Don King. Anyway, Don thought of a better restaurant hood concept using his patented grease filters. AyrKing hood systems proved effective and popular, so the business grew.

Over the years, Don kept thinking…well, like an engineer – methodical, logical, observant, etcetera. Thus, he designed equipment that accomplishes all types of foodservice tasks with simplicity, reliability, and durability.


See It In Action!


In just 50 seconds the BBS sifts 30 pounds (14kg) of breading and conveniently ejects dough balls into a separate container. That means less interruption to your breading operations – and more bottom-line profit!

Consistent taste and quality

AyrKing’s patented tumbling action results in even distribution of spices throughout the breading mixture. The breading is thoroughly blended by the brush action, unlike vibration or agitation systems that segregate ingredients. There is no detrimental settling of the seasonings nor grinding of dough balls into the breading mixture to taint your final product. Your freshly breaded items will be of the highest quality and consistency.

Quiet operation

The AyrKing BBS produces results, not disturbances. No noisy clanking. No vibrating, dancing sifter tables. No annoyance for your customers.

Easy cleaning

No tools are needed to remove the AyrKing sifter assembly for cleaning. And the BBS has only three or four internal parts, depending on the model. The enclosed sifter box design means your kitchen remains free of the “flour fallout” associated with vibration systems. And all components are accessible from the front, so you can position the unit almost anywhere.


Downloadable Specification Sheets

BBS-U-4830-BPC Sifter table, 48″ x 30″ with rear panel
BBS-U-4830 Sifter table, 48″ x 30″
BBS-U-3927 Sifter table, 27″ x 39″ with overshelf and drawers
BBS-U-3927-GC Sifter table, 27″ x 39″ with overshelf
BBS-U-8132 Double sifter workstation, 81″ x 32″
BBS-U-4561 Double sifter workstation, 45″ x 61″
BBS-U-4221 Sifter table, 42″ x 21″
BBS-U-4226 Sifter table, 42″ x 26″
BBS-U-4226-BPC Sifter table, 42″ x 26″ with rear panel
BBS-U-3515TR Compact sifter, 35″ x 15″ with full size 6″ deep breading pan
BBS-U-3515H Compact sifter, 35″ x 15″ with 2/3 size 8″ deep breading pan
BBS-U-3515CD Compact sifter, 35″ x 15″ with 2/3 sized funnel breading pan
BBS-U-3515P Compact sifter, 35″ x 15″ with 2/3 size 8″ deep breadin pan and removable ice bath well
BBS-U-2934-BPC Sifter table, 29″ x 34″ with rear panel and third lug storage
BBS-U-2934-MX Sifter table, 29″ x 34″ with overshelf and thrid lug storage
BBS-U-5730-BP-LH Sifter table, 57″ x30″ with rear panel (from right to left process flow)
BBS-U-5730-BP-RH Sifter table, 57″ x 30″ with rear panel (from left to right process flow)
BBS-U-7230 Sifter table, 72″ x 30″
BBS-U Sifter machine only (mount to your work table)
Versasift – Small footprint & flexible design sifters for customized breading area workflow