It’s Time to Move to a 30 Pound Fryer

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It’s 2019 – are you still using a 50 pound fryer?

If the answer’s yes, it may be time to consider evaluating the benefits of a 30-lb. fryer.


Operators can expect four advantages over a 50-lb. fryer:

  • Oil Savings – A drop in 20 lbs. means 40 percent less oil is needed to cook the same amount of product. Additionally, a 30-lb. fryer can provide twice the oil life than a 50 lb. unit, meaning greater, hard savings in oil costs. Less oil, more frequent filtration and auto top off combine to create maximum oil extension.


  • Product Quality – With frequent filtration and automatic top-off, the oil “sweet spot” will last longer, creating a more ideal environment for frying food and creating a higher quality product, consistently. By maintaining a constant level of oil (which is managed by vat sensors) operators will also achieve a higher quality of fried coverage around the product and a more consistent product coming out of the fryer. Read more about F5 food quality here. 


  • Health-wise – Extended oil life has positive health ramifications for customers, as well. Often with a 50-lb. fryer, operators will try to push their oil life beyond its natural expiration time. In extreme cases, if extended too long, oil can even produce carcinogens and increase food’s cholesterol levels. With a 30-lb. fryer, oil savings will drive pro-active oil management.  Having a team that watches oil quality and reacts to it will translate into better tasting and safer oil.


  • Easy – By transitioning to a 30-lb fryer, gone are the days of manually opening and closing of multiple drain valves and turning on/off pump motors just to filter the fryer’s oil. Instead, with the push of a button, oil is filtered automatically in just four minutes. This easy processes, mean simpler training for your team and creates less interruptions for regular cooking operations.