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As consumers’ busy lifestyles leave them with less time and inclination for cooking at home, they search out alternative options for great-tasting, nutritious, fresh-from-the-kitchen meals. That’s why over the past 10 years, there has been a growing trend among supermarket customers toward Home Meal Replacement (HMR). When it comes to HMR, today’s consumers are hungry for more variety, and those supermarkets that offer the most comprehensive menu options will be rewarded for their efforts with a growing revenue base of dedicated, frequent customers.

Savvy deli managers recognize the profit potential this market segment has created, and turn to Henny Penny for comprehensive solutions to help them capitalize on this increasing demand. Whether you’re looking to add a single piece of equipment or develop a fully integrated HMR operation, Henny Penny offers you the highest quality products and market expertise to meet the challenges facing your operation:

  • Food quality and consistency
  • Economic savings
  • Labor efficiencies


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jaccardphotoroll1jaccard 2000maxresdefaultThe Jaccard family of food slicers are fully automatic, programmable, fast, clean and efficient. Ideal for large kitchens, delicatessens and processed meat works, this machine slices, collects, stacks or shingles products, all in one operation. All components coming in contact with the product being sliced are manufactured in stainless steel; the ultimate in food safety!

ayrkingbbsu4830bpThe AyrKing Breader/Blender/Sifter (BBS) features a unique auger brush that sifts breading and blends spices while ejecting unwanted dough balls. Used by tens of thousands of restaurants around the globe, the AyrKing BBS sifter is available in numerous models or can be customized to fit your exact needs.

frontline fresh-oil-rackFrontlineLogo-2
Offering the flexibility of using your own oil while automatically filling and disposing of oil safely. That’s FRONTLINE.

Frontline offers right-sized Smart Oil Management solutions to match your evolving needs. Their equipment works as hard as you do to help maximize your oil usage and profits. Frontline’s systems are flexible and adaptable to meet a wide range of installation needs. And you own your equipment, so your monthly equipment costs decrease over time.


Even under extreme pressure, our appliances offer perfect refrigeration and freezing performance. We are the ideal partner when you need reliable and safe storage, whether in the catering industry, the food retail sector, the research and laboratory sector, the beverage and frozen food industries, or the bakery sector. By using only premium quality components and exclusive materials, Liebherr commercial appliances can be relied upon to meet all the professional requirements of your specific sector.

Exacting standards are demanded of cooling appliances in the Restaurant and Food Service Industry. Opting for a Liebherr is making a choice for reliable operation, premium quality, and top design. Liebherr offers all of the qualities important in professional refrigeration: high-quality components, maximum net capacity, efficient refrigerating capacity, reliable temperature consistency, and easy maintenance and cleaning. Above all, Liebherr commercial equipment stand out with industry-leading low power consumption and maximum efficiency, providing you with round-the-clock reliability.


Henny Penny – Rotisserie

Load after load of tender, golden roasted birds basting in their own juices as they turn past the customers’ eyes…

Henny Penny – Merchandisers

Frontline merchandising capabilities pretty much set the pace for overall menu variety and throughput.

Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite Fryer

Ready for a fryer that slashes oil costs, uses less energy, and practically filters itself? Welcome to the evolution.

Henny Penny – Pressure Fryer 2

The advantages of pressure frying are clear: controlled low pressure allows faster cooking at lower temperatures. This not only saves energy and shortening, but helps seal in the food’s moisture & flavor.