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Feeding A Hungry Market

As one of the fastest growing segments of the foodservice industry, casual dining restaurants have become more popular than ever among consumers for several reasons. First, with the increased growth of two income families, today’s customers often find themselves with more disposable income and less free time, turning to casual dining as a timesaving alternative to cooking at home. Secondly, as baby boomers enjoy their highest income years, they tend to dine out more. Lastly, the gaining popularity of takeout service at full-service restaurants offers another potential revenue stream. When taken together, these market trends show an enormous customer base looking for fresh, flavorful offerings that are both convenient and nutritious.By partnering with HP Sales of NJ/NY, you can take advantage of this rising demand and capitalize on an unprecedented opportunity to build your casual dining operation. Our equipment ensures:

  • Consistent food quality
  • Efficient management
  • Lower costs
  • Increased productivity


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Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite Fryer

Ready for a fryer that slashes oil costs, uses less energy, and practically filters itself? Welcome to the evolution.

Henny Penny – Pressure Fryer 2

The advantages of pressure frying are clear: controlled low pressure allows faster cooking at lower temperatures. This not only saves energy and shortening, but helps seal in the food’s moisture & flavor.

Henny Penny – Combi Ovens

The face of the food service industry is changing as more and more food service operators worldwide are discovering the value of combi-oven technology.