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Customers-ordering-at-QSR-counter_scaledWith nearly half of today’s restaurant meals being served in Quick-Service Restaurants, QSRs account for one of the largest market segments in the foodservice industry.

As a QSR operator, you face the same challenges as other foodservice professionals, but often on an even larger scale. We understand your unique high-volume/high-speed competitive environment makes for some of the most demanding operational conditions in any foodservice category. You need equipment that helps you ensure food quality, efficiently manage time & labor, increase profitability, and offer extensive menu choices.

Because QSR consumers have such a wide variety of choices, you know just how important outstanding food quality is when it comes to differentiating your QSR in the marketplace. We bring you all the tools to prepare consistent and great-tasting products so you can distinguish yourself from competitors.

Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite Fryer

Ready for a fryer that slashes oil costs, uses less energy, and practically filters itself? Welcome to the evolution.

Henny Penny – Pressure Fryer 2

The advantages of pressure frying are clear: controlled low pressure allows faster cooking at lower temperatures. This not only saves energy and shortening, but helps seal in the food’s moisture & flavor.

Henny Penny – Merchandisers

Frontline merchandising capabilities pretty much set the pace for overall menu variety and throughput.

Henny Penny – Combi Ovens

The face of the food service industry is changing as more and more food service operators worldwide are discovering the value of combi-oven technology.