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Fry More Food, Use Less Oil, Thank Us Later.

Ask any bar owner what makes a great bar and they’ll tell you – it’s repeat business.We understand your unique high-volume/high-speed competitive environment makes for some of the most demanding operational conditions in any foodservice category. You need equipment that helps you:

  • Ensure food quality
  • Manage time and labor more efficiently
  • Increase profitability
  • Offer extensive menu choices

Because consumers have such a wide variety of choices, you know just how important outstanding food quality is when it comes to differentiating your bar or tavern in the flooded marketplace. Today’s Henny Penny fryers have been proven to turn out delicious and consistent food with no recovery time at all. On top of that, Henny Penny uses 40% less oil while the automatic filtering system actually works to extend the oil’s life.


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Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite Fryer

Ready for a fryer that slashes oil costs, uses less energy, and practically filters itself? Welcome to the evolution.

Henny Penny – Pressure Fryer 2

The advantages of pressure frying are clear: controlled low pressure allows faster cooking at lower temperatures. This not only saves energy and shortening, but helps seal in the food’s moisture & flavor.

Henny Penny – Fried Chicken or Wing Program

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