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Henny Penny Receives 2019 Kitchen Innovations Award

Henny Penny has received a 2019 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award from the National Restaurant Association for its Space$aver Team combi. Unique in the U.S. market, the Space$aver Team combi combines two stacked, independently operated combis in a single frame and shell, with a single power cord and all the serviceable components centralized below. The 22”- wide footprint is topped with an integrated ventless hood using four-stage filtration for grease and vapors requiring no catalytic converter. The Space$aver Team combi offers the versatility of ... Read more

It’s Time to Move to a 30 Pound Fryer

It's 2019 - are you still using a 50 pound fryer? If the answer's yes, it may be time to consider evaluating the benefits of a 30-lb. fryer.   Operators can expect four advantages over a 50-lb. fryer: Oil Savings - A drop in 20 lbs. means 40 percent less oil is needed to cook the same amount of product. Additionally, a 30-lb. fryer can provide twice the oil life than a 50 lb. unit, meaning greater, hard savings in oil costs. Less oil, ... Read more

Cut Your Fryer Oil Use In Half With Henny Penny Prime Filter Powder.

What is Prime Filter Powder?   Prime Filter Powder is a safe, pure white compound that extends frying oil life. The powder reduces the frequency of oil purchases by as much as 50%! It does this by removing both solids and dissolved impurities from used oil, meeting the food-grade specifications set forth by the FDA, NSF and the JECFA of the WHO. How does it work?   When circulating frying oil with Prime Filter Powder during a polish filter, the powder particles are activated. It acts ... Read more

Making Big Moves at HP Sales

Two New Employees We're happy to announce the addition of two new regional sales people for the Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey areas.   Tony Cuffari will be involved in regional sales for Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania. He comes to the team with 30+ years of demonstrated history of working in the food equipment & supply industry. He is skilled in negotiation, customer service, sales, strategic planning, and business development.       James Cassidy is our lead equipment trainer as well as our new sales person for Southern ... Read more

5 Mistakes of Frying

Frying is the cornerstone of your kitchen. If it’s not, it is certainly a contributor to your bottom line. Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) recently reported on the Top Ten Fastest Growing Chains in the U.S. Of these ten, 50 percent of the chains offer fried food items on their menus. This same fried food trend can be seen across the Top 100 U.S. Chains reported by NRN. Datassential’s 2017 Fried Menu Trends Report gives insight into the growing popularity of several fried appetizers, including ... Read more

Can’t Beat the Eat on the Street – Food Trucks and Henny Penny

HERE COME THE FOOD TRUCKS! How can HP Sales help food trucks work better, faster, and smarter?   We know you're busy working on your food truck business day in and day out. Your blood, sweat, and tears go into your truck and you wouldn't have it any other way. When it's time to evaluate your kitchen, leave it to HP Sales to supply the best of the best! These four solutions below will have you getting food out more quickly, more consistently, and with ... Read more

Feel The Burn with Nashville Heat!

In the next few months, Henny Penny will be rolling out a "Nashville Heat" melt-on topical seasoning. We've tried it at here at the office and we've gotta say - - its's got a KICK! "A bold blend of spices that will treat your taste buds to the Music City's famous hot chicken. Apply this topical melt-on seasoning to taste after frying in your favorite Henny Penny breading." In celebration of this new product, we've decided to give you the run-down on how ... Read more

Thrasher’s French Fries Experience Legendary Savings!

[from] Thrasher’s French Fries has been an icon on the Ocean City, MD boardwalk since J. T. Thrasher served up the first batch from a window at the city pier in 1929. After 85 years Thrasher’s French Fries still offers only one item, made the way it’s always been made. Les Morris started working there in 1974 at age 16. Two years later he was running the place, and he’s been doing it ever since. Things don’t change much at Thrasher’s. ... Read more

Prolonging the Life of Your Kitchen Equipment

Proper maintenance and the right parts program can ensure top performance of your equipment.   [This post originally appeared as a Henny Penny sponsored blog post on Nation's Restaurant News]   Some of your kitchen equipment has seen better days. Your rotisserie isn’t cooking evenly, the way it used to. Your pressure fryer does not heat oil accurately. You are having food quality issues. But margins are tight. Plus, you’ve reduced labor so you depend on your equipment even more. You can’t afford to ... Read more

Henny Penny Receives the Arby’s Red Hat Supplier Achievement Award!

Henny Penny received the Arby’s Red Hat Supplier Achievement Award at the recent 2016 Arby’s Worldwide Franchise Convention. Henny Penny was specifically recognized for their high-quality products, responsiveness and exceptional service. See an excerpt from the press release below. To view the entire release, click here!   ARCOP Honors Suppliers with Red Hat Supplier Achievement Awards at 2016 Arby’sWorldwide Franchise Convention ATLANTA (September 20, 2016) – Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. (ARG) and ARCOP, Inc., the national supply chain cooperative for Arby’s, honored twelve of its ... Read more
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