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How can HP Sales help food trucks work better, faster, and smarter?


We know you’re busy working on your food truck business day in and day out. Your blood, sweat, and tears go into your truck and you wouldn’t have it any other way. When it’s time to evaluate your kitchen, leave it to HP Sales to supply the best of the best! These four solutions below will have you getting food out more quickly, more consistently, and with the best flavor imaginable.

Live to Fry Another Day

For more than 50 years, Henny Penny has been leading the way in fryer innovation.  Faster temperature recovery is a hallmark of Henny Penny open fryers.

Our designs help save energy and keep things running efficiently in your truck. With Henny Penny pressure fryers, you can simply close the lid and drive off to your next spot!


Multiple Menu Items? No Sweat!

More capacity. More advanced technology. More superbly cooked menu items done fast and efficiently. That’s the power of the truly versatile Henny Penny series of combi ovens.

Replace steamers, grills, and convection ovens in your truck with a Henny Penny Space$aver or Flex Fusion. These revolutionary ovens save you floor space and help keep maintenance costs way down.


Holding Cabinets – Ready When You Are!

Freeing up employees and managing peak periods is priceless in a busy truck. That’s the true benefit of having reliable holding equipment that keeps food ready to serve until it’s needed, giving employees the ability to prepare food ahead of time in anticipation of the coming rush.

With so many different shapes and sizes, holding cabinets will elevate your food truck game.

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