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Henny Penny f5

Henny Penny designed the F5 to deliver the most remarkable frying experience on the market — and it’s unlike any fryer you have ever seen. The F5 is simple, not basic. Operational ease-of-use, improved training and built-in help guides create a brand new frying experience.

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It’s Time to Move to a 30 Pound Fryer (5/8/2019) - It’s 2019 – are you still using a 50 pound fryer? If the answer’s yes, it may be time to consider evaluating the benefits of a 30-lb. fryer.   Operators can expect four advantages over a 50-lb. fryer: Oil Savings – A drop in 20 lbs. means 40 percent less oil is needed to cook […]
Cut Your Fryer Oil Use In Half With Henny Penny Prime Filter Powder. (4/10/2019) - What is Prime Filter Powder?   Prime Filter Powder is a safe, pure white compound that extends frying oil life. The powder reduces the frequency of oil purchases by as much as 50%! It does this by removing both solids and dissolved impurities from used oil, meeting the food-grade specifications set forth by the FDA, […]
Making Big Moves at HP Sales (9/11/2018) - Two New Employees We’re happy to announce the addition of two new regional sales people for the Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey areas.   Tony Cuffari will be involved in regional sales for Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania. He comes to the team with 30+ years of demonstrated history of working in the food equipment & supply […]