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The WASTE2GO Food Waste Bio-Digester


Mechline is the manufacturer and holder of the trademark and patents for the WASTE2GO food waste bio-digester. It digests up to 400 lbs of organic food waste to waste water over a 24-hour period. The waste2go is an operationally friendly, low carbon footprint, on-site, affordable food waste management system that is sustainable, environmentally responsible and commercially viable.

Aerobic microbial activity converts all soft food waste into waste water that is safely sent straight to the drain, using existing services – saving you the hassle of dealing with solid food waste. No need to store food waste, reduces odour and vermin problems and reduces what goes to landfill.

  • No solids to manage
  • Easy, on-site food waste solution
  • Food waste digested to waste water
  • Less food waste to landfill
  • Labour & money saving
  • Water from food waste totally reclaimed
  • Better waste stream separation & recycling, plus effective food waste management
  • Environmentally-sound solution